Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tuesday night dutch oven cooking

Tuesday night was an eventful one for the scouts. It was built around Bro. Yerman's dutch oven cooking. We got to sample cinnamon rolls, peach cobbler, and pineapple upside down cake all made from dutch oven's right outside of the church. Sorry about the charcoal briquette and lighter fluid smell in the hallways, but we promise it all stayed outside except the smoke and food.

While we were cooking Bro. Yerman talked to us about meal planning for a camp out: how to make a duty roster and types of food to put on the menu. Then we tried to make the menu, and well, that didn't go so hot so instead of baking next Tuesday we need to continue planning for our camp out on the 16th and 17th.

I also revealed to the boys that we are going to change how we do meals. We are going to follow the Patrol Method and have two patrols, the scouts and the geezers! Scouting was set up to teach values and as Baden Powell (founder of Boy Scouts) said,

"The patrol method is not a way to operate a Boy Scout troop, it is the only way. Unless the patrol method is in operation you don't really have a Boy Scout troop."

I am going to do my best to guide our young men in forming their troop, and in doing so it will teach all of us leadership, responsibility, and the other attributes in the scout law.


Deborah said...

Sounds great. Noah is really enjoying scouts. Thanks for all you do.

Nathan said...

Go Patrol cooking! Thanks to Bro. Yerman for pulling out those Dutch ovens and giving the boys something to savor.

Looks like a great way to get ready for Summer Camp 2008.

Also - thanks for posting the calendar. This will be very helpful.

Amaranta said...

Great work.